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Crochet Home Décor Patterns – Bright Up Your Home – Craft Ideas

When it comes to home décor then tiny things can convert your dull and boring home into a stunning and comfortable place. Your little effort and your passion for home décor can enhance your inner abilities such as your crocheting art. Yes, your crochet art can create a lot of interesting and fun items to decorate your home and make it fabulous as well as crafty too. Moreover, crocheting has explored its wings almost in every field of crafting from home décor to winter to summer accessories. So, now it does not matter that whatever and for what you are crocheting. Here I am going to show some of the best free crochet home décor patterns that will really inspire you to make your home more beautiful. So, it will be the best chance to give your art a new way of crocheting.

Crochet Home Décor Patterns – Bright Up Your Home:

So, if you are thinking about some amazing free crochet home décor patterns then seriously here is a lot of special ideas for you.  Because all of these free crochet home décor patterns are found after a lot of searches that are superb. But if you want to give your personal touch to these patterns then you can add any other color or basic stitch to them. Moreover, all of them are so unique and awesome that you will not live without trying with your own crochet hooks. These free crochet home décor patterns will prove that you really can crochet about everything by using your crocheting art and passion for home décor.

All of these fee crochet home décor patterns will fit for all the seasons of the year. So, it doesn’t matter that which season is here and which is upcoming. You can easily crochet these patterns all around the year and make your home and make your home always ready for all the seasons.

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So, for taking a glance at the following list, scroll down and draw some inspiration. I hope you will find all of these patterns as superb as I told you. And you surely love to try them out with your own hands.

Temperature Blanket:


The soothing, misty tone of the texture reminds of that blanket. Look so stunning in rainbow colors right? Due to its fabric, it looks so cuddly and comfy perfect as a couch spread. Insert this temperature blanket in your home decor to represent your taste and personality! You can use the simple and funky color yarn to make useful things out of it like this blanket. The temperature decide which color you have to use. Wanna make your own? dig into the link down below.


Tunisian Temperature Blanket:

Tunisian Temperature Blanket

Lightweight yarn and simple stitches used in this Tunisian Temperature Blanket. You will need a white base color and 11 different colors of your choice. First of all, you will note the high temperature all day during the time period you have selected. Then you attach each yarn color with the temperature range. You have to simply crochet each row according to it and you are good to go! For details about it click the link down below.


Tunisian Basketweave Pillow Crochet Pattern:

Tunisian Basketweave Pillow Crochet Pattern

If you are intending to give your home a unique look with some personal statement, so it is the rarest motivation to decor your home extraordinary! This Tunisian Basketweave Pillow Crochet Pattern is easy to make and looks so adorable on the sofa or every room of your home. Even you keep this pillow in the tv lounge or in the living room so the person who is watching tv can get some of the cozy vibes from this soft and snuggly pillow. We hope that you like this idea and crochet it as soon as possible. For more details about this pattern click here thehooknooklife

Our Nest Mat Crochet Pattern:

Nest Mat Crochet Pattern

Make your home clean by crocheting this mat. If you are just affirmative to give your home superimposing impression then this Our Nest Mat Crochet Pattern idea is great for your home. It is super duper easy and affordable too when you can’t afford an expensive mat. Make this mat more elegant with some beautiful color contrast as we do we write Our nest with black yarn and crochet zebra border and the base is crocheted with biscuit color. For more details about this mat sink into the link down below.


Woodland Moss Chunky Basket – Crochet Pattern:

Woodland Moss Chunky Basket

Baskets are an important part of home decor. It makes the look of the home so manageable and performs well task for storing a lot of essential stuff in it. Here we presented lovely basket for mommies with a unique and simple idea. You just have to pick your favorite color yarn of super bulky weight, tapestry needle, yarn hooks, and your creative skills that it! Now let’s start the mission to decore your home with this beautiful basket. For more details about Woodland Moss Chunky Basket – Crochet Pattern visits the link down below.


Winter Tempest Blanket – Crochet Pattern:

Blanket Crochet Pattern

The adorable blankets have edges with elegance frills. It comes in single neutral color decorated with small pom pom and prominent white straps. Spread it near the window and enjoy the sunshine while having a cup of tea or coffee. Aran weighted yarn, Crochet hook and tapestry needle used in its crocheting. You can use your favorite color yarn and start crocheting in it. Bobble stitches are easy to crochet and it is beginner friendly. For more details about this Winter Tempest Blanket – Crochet Pattern clack the link down below.


Pebble Shore Blanket – Crochet Pattern:

Pebble Shore Blanket

Install this Pebble Shore Blanket – Crochet Pattern to enhances your home glory. You should add this blanket to your to-do list and enjoy the rest of the winter without being ill. It is so cozy and comfy made up of bulky yarn. We use aqua blue, light brown and creamy yarn color you can choose your own favorite color. The tassels hanging on the ends look so stylish and elegance we assure that you and your family love this blanket and get adequate sleep while spreading it on them. Does cold breeze outside and you want some extra warmth? Click the link for detail information hopefulhoney

Free Mug Cup Cosy Crochet Pattern:

Free Mug Cup Cosy Crochet Pattern

Do you like this mug warmer? Super duper easy to make and affordable too, no need to buy an expensive one for your hot coffee or tea mug. It is a beautiful and perfect gift for the coffee or tea lovers! It comes in a single neutral color but you can make with your own favorite color yarn. Worsted weight yarn used in the process and it is totally beginner friendly SO, you can make it in less time and enjoy the cup of coffee or tea while holding the cup with this Cup cozy. Want your own? click the link down below to get the proper information about Free Mug Cup Cosy Crochet Pattern.


Meadowlark Coasters Crochet Pattern:

Coasters Crochet Pattern

Here is another technique to protect your coffee table! They are super easy to crochet and take less time. lightweight yarn, tapestry needle, and creativity skills are the essentials of this process. This is beginner friendly and done in just no time, too much affordable make your table look so attention paying. Meadowlark Coasters Crochet Pattern is an eye-popping project ever. What are you slouchy for? pay a visit to the link down below.


Adorable Crochet Dishcloths:

Adorable Crochet Dishcloths

As the title said that adorable dishcloths like their title they are really adorable and easy to make! They are so useful and very beneficial you can easily hold any hot dish with this dishcloth. It protects your hand from being burn and portable too. You can also dry your wet dishes with this cloth in a less painful way. It is an important chore that all have to do but we can make it less painful by using these Adorable Crochet Dishcloths which gives you cozy sensation. For more detail about these Dishcloths click the link down below.


Coaster Patterns Sunny Hollow Set:

Coaster Patterns

Are you tired off cleaning coffee or tea stains from the coffee table? We are here for you and presented this solution to your problem! Coaster Patterns Sunny Hollow Set creates an elegant and beautiful table setting. They look so incredible and attractive on the table as well as they protect your table from being stained and helps you to clean your table all the time. They are portable, easy to make in less time, and it is cost effictien too. Grab your best-loved color of yarn and yarn hooks to make your own coasters. Get complete guidance from the link down below.


Hand Crochet Round Pillow Pattern:

Hand Crochet Round Pillow

This task is very easy you can do it ease on your own! All you need is super bulky yarn and no tools. surprise? you can make it with your two hands.you need creative skills for its manufacturing. We know that it is little time consuming but when you see the result you will wonder stuck. we use a single neutral and attractive grey color. you can choose your favorite color which pops up your home decor. For more details about this Hand Crochet Round Pillow Pattern pay attention to the link down below.


Easy and Fast Hand Crochet Pouf Pattern:

Hand Crochet Pouf Pattern

This project is very unique than all the other project because it needs no tools. Tada! look how super easy we make it only for you. We guarantee that you have soo much fun during its manufacturing. we made it with white color yarn you can choose your favorite one. This pouf is so beneficial and portable you can place it anywhere and get cozy vibes. For more details about this Easy and Fast Hand Crochet Pouf Pattern visit the link down below.


Diy Knit Potholders:

Diy Knit Potholders

Wanna knit your own pot holder? Here is the idea. Each of the pattern coordinate and makes a beautiful, attractive gift for your mother. These Diy Knit Potholders are so soft, portable and washable too. What else you want in this small crocheting pattern? You can make it in less time and have a very beautiful and beneficial pot holder that prevents you from being a blaze. Wanna clone this?Why not you can do it by following the instruction in the link down below.


DIY Plaited Planter:

DIY Plaited Planter

To create an elegant decor for your home in less time and less money you will not have to spend a lot of money to fulfill your desire. Decor your personal space in the home with this beautiful planter and get a great compliment from your friend and family. This planter is an adorable and heart winning gift for your teen friend to put fun and delight in their home. It is done by the cheapest tools and bulky yarn of your favorite color. For complete step by step instruction about DIY Plaited Planter click the link down below.


Crochet Sweater Mugs:

Crochet Sweater Mugs

They look very cute and easy to make in less time. Worsted weight yarn used in this process of a different color. You can use your loving color and cover your hot mug with this mug sweater. Crochet for your self, for your lover or for your friend who loves to take coffee or tea! It is totally beginners friend once you make one you will not stop your hand to make more and more cute mug sweaters. We assure that you love it. Want your own? click the link down below to get information about crochet Sweater Mugs.


Crochet Potholder:

Crochet Potholder

 Crochet this pot holder for your grandma. This will brighten up and increase little fun in your kitchen. They are so useful and defend you against hot pot. This is a terrific gift for your mother she will be ecstatic to see this and reminds you in her prayer. You have to assure that you have the right accessories and supplies for your kitchen. If you are interested in cooking you know about the importance of this potholder. For more details about this  Crochet Potholder clicks the link down below.


Crochet Basket Pattern:

Crochet Basket Pattern

This Crochet Basket Pattern enhances the home glory and perfect for a lot of storage. You can make it in any size and it is super easy to crochet in just a few hours. Grab your yarn hook to crochet this basket and it plays an important role in home decoration. You can place it any corner of your home and keep your essentials in it. Your living room looks so manageable and looks charming. For more detail about this click the link down below.


Free Crochet Pattern – Chunky Bobble Bows:

Crochet Bobble Bows

These bows are very popular home decor and can be done by anyone in the home. Now you can crochet your bows in a different color to add more elegance to your home. You can hang in any corner of your home and get a great compliment from your guest. It is super easy and less time consuming you can also gift it to your friends and attached it on the gift for a more fine look. For more details about Free Crochet Pattern – Chunky Bobble Bows click the link down below.


Free Crochet Pattern – Hot Water Bottle Cosy:

Crochet Hot Water Bottle Cosy

Keep your water hot in this water bottle cozy. In the winter season when you feel so cold boil the water pour in the bottle and wear the cozy on it now sleep with this snuggle water bottle with joy. It is so useful for ladies they can use this hot water bottle during the menstrual cycle when they feel light pain in the lower belly. We use two colors and combine them you can use any of your choices. Click the link down below for the information of Free Crochet Pattern – Hot Water Bottle Cosy.


Crochet Gold Front Loop Chevron Blanket:

Crochet Gold Front Loop Chevron Blanket


Modern Crochet Velvet Throw:

Modern Crochet Velvet Throw


Caron Texture And Fringe Knit Pillow:

Caron Texture And Fringe Knit Pillow


Bernat Crochet Nesting Bowls, S:

Bernat Crochet Nesting Bowls, S


Bernat Bobble Go Round Crochet Pillow, Single Version:

Bernat Bobble Go Round Crochet Pillow, Single Version


Pom Pom Planter Crochet Pattern:

Pom Pom Planter Crochet Pattern

Lavender Flower Crochet Pattern:

Lavender Flower Crochet Pattern

Crochet Pattern, Prism Blanket:

Crochet Pattern, Prism Blanket

Crochet Coaster Pattern:

Crochet Coaster

Modern Geometric Throw Pillow:

Modern Geometric Throw Pillow

Basic Basket Crochet Pattern:

Basic Basket

Terra Cotta Orange Pillow Cover:

Terra Cotta Orange Pillow Cover

Sunflower Crochet Cotton Coasters:

Sunflower Crochet Cotton Coasters

Washcloth and Scrubby Set:

Washcloth and Scrubby Set

Valentine’s Day Crochet Wreath Pattern:

Valentine's Day Wreath

Pretty Filet Cotton Lace Cushions:

Pretty Filet Cotton Lace Cushions

Handmade Ornament Coaster Crochet Pattern:

Handmade Ornament Coaster Crochet Pattern

Crochet PATTERN Baby Blanket:

Crochet PATTERN Baby Blanket

Crochet Table Runner Free Pattern:

Crochet Table Runner Free Pattern

Crochet Placemats Pattern:

Crochet Placemats Pattern

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